About us


Prodenergo SRL

Prodenergo S.R.L. was founded in 1992 the skeleton of the former Societe Generale Service SA Bucharest and Bacau branch in 2002 was transformed by taking the present name.

Our company provides spare parts for machine tools especially electromagnetic brakes and clutches, lubrication pumps, hydraulic and cooling, electric apparatus and brakes (FEA model and REH) and electric motors (tip ASFM) for cranes.

We also offer suggestions for modernization of MU or technological flows with Mitsubishi product range, you and sell(see section MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC).

Our company has a staff of 5 employees with extensive experience in Romania and more recently that of France, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland and Ukraine.
It should be noted that our products are exported to the U.S. market intermediary.

Any product or service provided by our company is based on its beneficiaries profile analysis results, requirements and expectations of their experience with a portfolio of over 500 partners.

In the company Prodenergo S.R.L. carry on the business of education and training, environmental protection and quality control for which we have implemented quality management system ISO 9001:2000 Starting 2006.

For us it is important that all customers are satisfied and that we provide, besides the wide range of products and our availability for any suggestion to improve the current supply all to ensure customer satisfaction.

Prodenergo S.R.L. has proposed that, from the moment they discover, to become the most reliable business partner for your company.